Our Story

Hi, welcome to my store! 

I have always been a treasure hunter, avid collector and lover of vintage style.  Magpie Living was launched in 2011, born out of my passion for eclectic interiors and my love of collecting vintage and antiques pieces. Like a Magpie I now scour the British countryside looking for pretty things; unloved objects and hidden gems to be given a new home and a new lease of life. Magpie Living is a lifestyle, all about rescuing beautiful objects that may otherwise have been lost. 

With beautiful handmade floral cushions, vintage teasets and quirky vintage kitchenware, you can always find something unique amongst our vintage collection. 

When it comes to vintage and antique pieces, I love the knowledge that nobody else will have the same. In a world of mass produced homeware, vintage and antiques can add a wonderful sense of individuality to your interior and this is part of what makes them so special.

My one rule is that I only buy what I really love. (Although it makes things very hard to part with...) 

Unique Vintage Jewellery & Bridal Accessories

Magpie Living has gradually developed it's range to include beautiful vintage and antique jewellery. From vintage brooches, diamante necklaces and costume jewellery we have an ever-changing selection of one off pieces. 

Our vintage crystal necklaces make wonderful bridal accessories - perfect for your 'something old'. Each piece is chosen for its quality and beauty.

Vintage Wedding Gifts

We also stock a range of vintage and antique pieces that we feel would make the perfect wedding presents for couples looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Our antique teasets and jewellery make great heirloom pieces that would hopefully be passed and handed down for generations to come. 


At Magpie Living, when we describe something as being 'vintage' it means that this item is genuinely old, often dating from the mid 20th Century or before. 

Vintage items are an intrinsic part of this website and we embrace the uniqueness that comes with the pre-loved, the timeworn and the gently faded. I feel such a sense of excitement about rediscovering wonderful things from the past; the rust on a vintage globe, the foxing on an antique mirror, the faded gold on a delicate teacup - these are the things that make vintage pieces so special. 

We make every effort to choose only vintage and antique items in the finest condition and to describe any flaws, however these items are genuinely old and will show signs of wear - it is their history and the story that they tell which makes them so special.

Warmest Wishes,